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  • Blustery Conanicut YC Round Island Race

    Blustery Conanicut YC Round Island Race
    J/29 Dominates Class B, J’s Sweep Class G!
    (Jamestown, RI)- Sunday dawned with a rather intimidating forecast.  Theremnants of Hurricane Harvey that left a catastrophe in its wake acrossthe Texas Gulf Coast had moved northeast and was rolling over NewEngland on Sunday morning.  Strong rains and wind gusting 15-30 ktsgreeted the sailors ready to participate in the 90th Annual Around TheIsland Race- an end of summer tradition for most active sailors onNarragansett Bay.  This year, an enormous fleet of 101 boats wereregistered, 23 of them J/Crews (about 23% of the fleet) in variousclasses!

    TheConanicut YC Race Committee wisely postponed the start of the race fornearly two hours to let the strong easterly winds abate into the 15-25kts range.  By noon, the small boats took off on a shortened coursegoing north up Bay towards Prudence Island, rounding the green buoy andheading back down beneath Newport Bridge for a fast, safe race. Offshore, the storm swells were hitting upwards of 10 to 12 ft at thetraditional turning point off the southern end of the island- BeavertailPoint bell.  The big boats- the last four divisions to start, did sailthe traditional race, but also heading counter-clockwise, going northbeneath Newport Bridge, leaving the green bell and green can at thenorthern end of the island to port, back south through Jamestown Bridge,around Beavertail Point bell to port, back up the Bay past Castle HillLighthouse, leaving Clingstone Rocks to port and into the finish line atJamestown.

    With a strong ESE breeze, it was a quick race for the two race tracks asit was essentially a “fetch” in all directions to each turning point. In the small boat fleets, the race was less than two hours elapsed.

    In Class B Spinnaker, it was Dennis Nixon’s J/29 LYNX that won theirclass quite handily.  Then in Class D, the two J/24s that raced couldstill hold their own in the demanding conditions, with Mike Hill’sOBSTREPROUS finishing 3rd and Rob Lambert’s BARFLY taking 4th in class. Similarly, in Class E, the two J/30s both finished in the top five,with Chris Tate’s BLITZ finishing 4th and Daniel Borsutsky’s FLYING HIGHtaking 5th place.

    For the larger boats that actually did race around the island, it wasClasses G, H, J & K- four classes in total.  Class G saw a cleansweep of the podium by J crews, with Sean Doyle’s J/105 KESTREL winning,followed by Paul Grimes’ J/35 BREAKAWAY just over 3 minutes back oncorrected to take 2nd.  Third position went to Doug Newhouse’s J/88YONDER, just 40 second back corrected.  Fourth was Dawson & BenHodgson’s J/100 GRIMACE another minute back and in 5th was EC Helme’sJ/92S SPIRIT.

    Finally,in the “J” class, appropriately enough, it was the first shakedown racefor the new J/121 INCOGNITO co-skippered by Joe Brito and JeffJohnstone. INCOGNITO led the class off the start and through NewportBridge on a close fetch with the J1 sheeted to the rail. Half way to thenorth end as the reaching angle broadened, three smaller sport boats inthe class leap-frogged ahead with early Code 0 sets. INCOGNITOeventually followed with a Code 0 and by the north turn, the four hadstretched out from the rest of the class. Then the J/121 crew provedtheir mettle and ground down all but one sport boat on the port tackfetch to the Beavertail, rounding that mark 2nd before heading back tothe finish under J1 jib trimmed to the rail to Clingstone Rock bell,then popping an A4 kite for the short burst to the finish for second onelapsed and third on corrected. The J/122 TARAHUMARA sailed by JackGregg from Corinthian YC of Philadelphia, took 5th in class, correctingour 4 minutes behind the J/121. All in all, it was a fun day for theINCOGNITO team who has their sights set on the 2018 Newport to BermudaRace. Sailing photo credits- Paul Todd/ Outside Images  For more Conanicut YC Around Island Race sailing informationAdd to Flipboard Magazine.Add to Flipboard Magazine.

  • J/88s & J/111s Dominate Chicago Bi-State

    J/88s & J/111s Dominate Chicago Bi-State Fast Ride for J/105 Class!
    (Chicago, IL)- The Bi-State and the Tri-State is a multi-leg offshorerace held over Labor Day Weekend on the southern parts of Lake Michigan.Chicago to St. Joseph, MI is the first leg of the race. More than 100boats departed Friday evening for a fast sprint of 50.5 NM across thelake, most boats finishing early Saturday morning.

    For most, Saturday was a day of rest in St. Joseph with the Annual BeachVolleyball Tournament and live entertainment at the St. Joseph RiverYC. Then, on Sunday morning, racers chose whether to continue toMichigan City, IN as part of the traditional Tri-State or head back toChicago for the Bi-State leg of the race.  Most chose the latter basedon the forecasted light winds down the Michigan shoreline.

    The first leg of the event saw 104 boats starting, 24 of them J/teamsfrom across the spectrum (about 23% of all entries).  The J/105s racedas a one-design class, with eight crews vying for control.  Winning theleg across was Mike Hettel’s GLOBAL NOMADS.  Then, on the Bi-State legback to Chicago, Kris Reichert’s ANGRY SLOTH won.  As a result, thecombined scores saw Hettel’s GLOBAL NOMADS win with a 1-3 for 4 pt,followed by a rare three-way tie for 2nd place!  Winning that oncountback was Reichert’s ANGRY SLOTH with a 5-1 for 6 pts. Third went toESPRIT D’ECOSSE (Judith & Ross McLean) with a 4-2 for 6 pts andfourth position went to SEALAKR (Clark Pellet) with a 2-4 for 6 pts.

    The rough and tumble seventeen-boat PHRF 4 handicap class had a quartetof J/88’s dueling for class honors.  Amongst the J/88s, taking first wasEXILE (Andy Graff) with a 2-1 for 3 pts.  Second was SLOT MACHINE (BoydJarrell) with a 4-3 for 7 pts, winning the tie-breaker based on“who-beat-who-last” over RAMBLER (Ben Wilson) with a 3-4 for 7 pts. Rounding out the J/88s in 4th place was HOKEY SMOKE (Rich Stearns) withan 8-2 for 10 pts.

    With eighteen boats, the PHRF 2 class was the largest in the event.  Inshort, J’s took 3 of the top 4 spots in the Bi-State event.  Winningeasily was the J/111 PURA VIDA (John Kalanik) with a 1-2 for 3 pts. Third in class was the J/111 WARLOCK (Tom Dickson) with a 6-1 for 7 ptsand sitting in 4th was the J/120 JAHAZI (Frank Giampoli) with a 5-4 for 9pts.

    Finally, in PHRF 1 class, carrying the J/banner all alone was TomPapoutsis’ J/133 RENEGADE, sailing in a class with an eclectic mixtureof much larger offshore racing machines- like an Andrews 77 and a TP52!In the end, they took a commendable 4th place in the Bi-State with a 5-4for 9 pts.

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    Chicago to St Joe- https://yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=4306
    St Joe to Michigan City- https://yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=4333
    St Joe to Chicago- https://yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=4332
    Michigan City to Chicago- https://yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=4334
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  • J/133 Leads @ RORC Offshore Season Series!

    J/133 Leads @ RORC Offshore Season Series! 2nd @ Cherbourg Race Clinches Overall!
    (Cowes, Isle of Wight, England)- Organized by the Royal Ocean RacingClub, in association with the Yacht Club de Cherbourg, and the RoyalYacht Squadron, the 75nm Cherbourg Race stared on Friday at 1850 andsent the fleet off on a straight shot across “La Manche” to Cherbourg,France.

    The RORC Cherbourg Race is the penultimate race of the RORC Season'sPoints Championship, between the record-breaking entry for the RolexFastnet Race, and the highly acclaimed Rolex Middle Sea Race. The 75nm“sprint race” from Cowes to Cherbourg is the last of the UK-based racesfor the RORC Season’s Points Championship, and for many teams this wasthe swan-song for their 2017 racing season.

    The 75-mile race featured a tight reach west out of the Solent, followedby a moonlit downwind sprint to Cherbourg across the English Channel. The wind speed was up to about 20 knots from the northwest, boats weresurfing towards a rising moon on starboard tack, just classic offshoreracing. During the night, the wind speed decreased, and with a westerlygoing tide, the teams had to be careful not to heat up too much in thequest for speed, and end up too high at the finish.

    In IRC Two, Gilles Fournier's French J/133 PINTIA, secured class victoryfor the season, which was decided by the best five results. GillesFournier is full of praise for their rivals: “Having such close racingwith ‘Lisa’, has definitely improved our performance, and we haveenjoyed every battle in every race. After the Fastnet, we met for lunch,and we both worked out the same mathematics.”  In the end, PINTIA beattheir rival in all five of their highest scoring races- Cervantes, Mythof Malham, Cowes Dinard St Malo, Channel Race, & Fastnet Race.Finishing third place for the season was Andy Theobald’s J/122 R&W. And, 5th place was Chris Daniel’s new J/122E JUNO! Not far off the pacewas Chris Schram’s J/120 MAVERICK from The Netherlands, finishing 8thplace.

    At the Prize Giving held at the YC de Cherbourg, RORC Commodore, MichaelBoyd, spoke on behalf of the competitors, thanking the club for theirgenerous hospitality. The President of the YCC, Jean Le Carpentier, andRORC Racing Manager, Nick Elliott, officiated at the awards ceremony. For more RORC Cherbourg Race & Series sailing informationAdd to Flipboard Magazine.

  • J/24 World Championship Preview

    J/24 World Championship Preview (Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)- The Port Credit YC of Mississauga,Canada, will be hosting the 2017 driveHG.ca J/24 World Championship. TheJ/24 is an international One-Design keelboat class and the most popularracing keelboat in the world with over 5,480 boats built and beingsailed in 165 fleets and 110 countries.

    Over 400 yachtsmen and women on sixty-nine boats will be participatingin this year’s Worlds representing ten countries- Argentina, Canada,Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Peru and the USA.

    The opening day of the 2017 Worlds at Port Credit YC will feature 3-timeJ/24 North American Champion and World Champion Will Welles of NorthSails, speaking at 5 pm about performance racing, along with fellow J/24World Champion Tim Healy, the North Sails One-Design President.

    The host country is showing a bit of resurgence in J/24 activity, withtwenty teams participating in this year’s event on Lake Ontario.  Topcrews include Canadian Champion Rossi Milev steering CLEAR AIR, as amember of PCYC, clearly the hometown favorite.  Joining is EvanPetley-Jones’ LIFTED from Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron in Halifax,and Katie Coleman Nicoll’s QUICK NICK also from PCYC.

    Thelargest, and arguably most talented, contingent comes from the USA,with thirty-four teams lining up on the starting line.  In that line-upare several past J/24 World Champions, European Champions and NorthAmerican Champions.  An impressive group, to say the least.  Heading upthat group are John Mollicone’s Newport team on HELLY HANSEN, withfellow World Champion Tim Healy on board.  Fellow Newport colleague WillWelles will be racing his familiar BOGUS.  Then, yet another J/24 WorldChampion, Mike Ingham’s crew from Rochester Canoe Club in New York willbe racing USA 5443.  J/22 World Champion Mike Marshall will be racingwith his Newport-based crew on PIPE DREAM.  Tony Parker’s famous BANGORPACKET should be in the hunt with his talented crew, so will be ScottMilne’s TREMENDOUS SLOUCH for Seattle, WA, Aidan Glackin’s MENTAL FLOSSfrom Lloyd Harbor YC, Al Constants’ BLITZ from Long Island Sound, ToddFedyszyn’s SPOONY TACTICS from St Petersburg, FL, Erica Beck Spencer’sSEA BAGS WOMEN’S SAILING TEAM from Portland, ME, Carter White’s YOUREGATTA from Portland, ME, and Mark Laura’s BABA LOUIE from Seattle, WA.

    The top South American crews include the entire trio from Argentina-Sergio Pendola’s CACIQUE, Matias Pereira’s CARRERA and Nick Cubria’sELVIS- all from Buenos Aires and Club Nautico Olivos- all Argentinian orSouth American Champions.  Joining them is Mexico’s National Champion-Ken Porter on MONSTER FISH from Club Nautico Valle de Bravo.  Inaddition, are two Peruvian Champions- Luis Olcese’s SCARAMOUSH andJavier Arribas’ WAYRA.

    From Europe are a number of competitive women's teams, including AnnTaylor’s ROCKELY WATERSPORTS from Parkstone YC in England, Ann-KathrinFrank’s Hamburg, Germany crew sailing JUELSSAND and Lizzy McDowell’s’Howth YC team from Dublin, Ireland sailing SCANDAL.

    Finally, a substantial Asian contingent is looking forward to sailing onLake Ontario’s “sweet water”.  Four Japanese teams are on hand,including Nobuyuki Imai’s SIESTA and Tokuma Takesue’s GEKKO.  Plus,Gyeongwon Jo’s crew from Korea will be sailing KOR 7777 SUMMER SANTA! Follow J/24 Worlds on Facebook here  For more drive.hg J/24 World Championship sailing informationa data-flip-widget="flipit" href="https://flipboard.com">Add to Flipboard Magazine.

  • Rolex Big Boat Series Preview

    Rolex Big Boat Series Preview (San Francisco, CA)- When it comes to determining the fastest guns inthe west, Rolex Big Boat Series, hosted by the venerable St. FrancisYacht Club (StFYC), has long served as the left coast’s pivotal provingground. Of the 40 regattas StFYC hosts each year, Rolex Big Boat Seriesis the signature event and enjoys a proud 52-year history of testingcompetitors’ skills in the demanding, rewarding conditions of SanFrancisco Bay.

    "Rolex Big Boat Series draws the top skippers and crew from around theU.S. and abroad, who should be prepared for four days of racing inchallenging conditions," said Dennis George, Rolex Big Boat Seriesregatta co-chair. "While the fleets vary in size, the competition inevery fleet is fierce."

    Racing is anticipated to take place in nine classes including robustfleets of J/70s, J/105s, J/111s, J/120s, and ORR handicap class.

    All told, this year’s fleet will be competing for six perpetualtrophies, accompanied by a Swiss-made Rolex Oyster Perpetual SubmarinerDate Timepiece, as well as additional take-home trophies.

    “September is the sweet spot for weather,” said Jim Kiriakis, Commodoreof St. Francis Yacht Club, who added that while it can get breezy in theafternoon, the Bay rarely delivers “nuclear” conditions in September.“The day develops from morning’s tranquility into a dynamic breeze oftenin the 15-25 kts range that provides great competition.”

    Despitethe fact the AUDI J/70 World Championship is taking placesimultaneously half a world away on the Mediterranean, a great fleet ofthirteen J/70s are looking forward to yet another four-days of awesomecompetition on the Bay.  The event has become popular with the J/70ssince it offers a wide-range of sailing conditions as well as“random-leg” racing.  Often the first race in the morning is aWindward-Leeward race starting off either the face of Alcatraz Island ordown in the infamous Berkeley Circle.  Then, if it’s breeze-on early, asecond W/L takes place before the afternoon race- designed to get allboats racing back to finish off the line in front of St Francis YC. Then, of course, is the famous “Around the Bay Race” that traditionallytakes place on Sunday- a.k.a.- the “Bay Tour” that can be from 18 to25nm in length.  Ironically, even for J/70s, those can turn out to be“short races”, especially if it is an “ebb tide” event, which it will befor 2017.  Those conditions permit J/70s to sail at 6-7 kts VMG upwindwhile planing downwind at speeds averaging 13 kts in full-onplaning-mode conditions.

    Looking forward to that challenge are a number of West Coast’s top J/70crews, such as the Snow/ Brigden team on COOL STORY BRO, Pat Toole’sfamous 3 BIG DOGS crew from Santa Barbara YC, Justin Kromelow’s LOOSELUCY, Scott Sellers’ 1FA, David Schumann’s BOTTLE ROCKET, and PeterCameron’s PRIME NUMBER.  Joining them from Amagasaki, Japan is AkinoriTakezawa’s crew on PETIT STAR.

    As usual, the J/105 class turns out in droves for this event, being oneof their most popular regattas all season-long. Two-dozen J/105s will belining up on the starting line. Leading the cumulative standings forthe J/105 season series are BLACKHAWK, followed by GODOT, ARBITRAGE andDONKEY JACK. The fleet is deeply talented, including numerous RBBS Rolexwatch winners to J/105 North American Champions to Block Island RaceWeek Rolex watch champions!  Sure to be on the leaderboard over the fourdays will be crews like Bruce Stone & Nicole Breault’s ARBITRAGE,Ryan Simmons’ BLACKHAWK, Shannon Ryan & Rolf Kaiser’s DONKEY JACK,Chris & Phil Perkins’ GOOD TIMIN’, Adam Spiegel’s JAM SESSION, RickGoebel’s SANITY from San Diego, CA, and Jeff Littfin’s MOJO.

    The J/120s have always loved the event and virtually every team on theBay is in attendance.  Who will it be this time in this incrediblytight-knit fleet?  Seemingly, one boat seems to hit the “easy button”and just powers away, for no apparent reason.  And, each year its beendifferent teams!  In any event, the players are Barry Lewis’ CHANCE, TomGrennan’s KOOKABURRA, Timo Bruck’s TWIST, Steve Madeira’s MIST MAGOO,and Dave Halliwill’s PEREGRINE.

    In the PHRF Sportboat class, three J/88s are taking on all comers intheir seven-boat class.  Hoping to grab silver are Gary Panariello’sCOURAGEOUS, Jeremy Moncada’s JUNO, or Marc McMorris’ M-SQUARED.

    Finally, the 23-boat ORR class has a very wide-range of boats and mayget broken up into two divisions.  Nevertheless, five J/111s that arefresh off sailing for five days in their recent J/111 World Championshipwill be out for blood, yet again.  With all that “training” against avery tough fleet of one-design crews, they will be formidable sailing inthe ORR handicap division; those crews include J/111 World ChampionPeter Wagner and his SKELETON KEY team, Gorkem Ozcelebi’s DOUBLE DIGIT,Dick Swanson’s BAD DOG, Nesrin Basoz’s SWIFT NESS and Doug & JackJorgenson’s PICOSA crew for Los Angeles (2nd in the Worlds).  Fightingthem tooth and nail will be two of the famous J/125s- Richard Ferris’AUGUST ICE for Lake Tahoe YC and Viggo Torbensen’s TIMESHAVER for DanaPoint YC south of L.A.  Finally, two J/44s will be right in there, PaulStemler’s PATRIOT from Newport Harbor YC and Jack Clapper’s PHANTOM fromMill Valley, CA.  Sailing photo credits- Sharon Green/ Ultimate Sailing.com. For more Rolex Big Boat Series sailing informationa data-flip-widget="flipit" href="https://flipboard.com">Add to Flipboard Magazine.

  • J/Crews Sweep Vineyard Race Divisions!

    J/Crews Sweep Vineyard Race Divisions! (Stamford, CT)- Labor Day weekend's Vineyard Race was a classic. This238-mile course stretches from Shippan Point through the swirlingcurrents of The Race, past Block Island, and on to the light tower atthe entrance to Buzzard's Bay. Once reached, sailors return by leavingBlock Island to starboard en route to the finish in Stamford Harbor. This year, a massive offshore Low was spinning away, producing strongNortherly winds that ultimately swung East as the fleet rounded BuzzardsBay Tower.  Needless to say, under such idyllic conditions, severalrecords were broken.

    Therace had many J/teams from J/97s up to J/160s.  Of the 103 keelboatsregistered to sail this weekend, twenty-six were J/crews (representingone-quarter of the fleet)!  The race has expanded its format to includethree races being run simultaneously.  The “classic” is the “roundBuzzards Bay Tower” and back.  The two additions are the Cornfield PointCourse (the shortest) and the Seaflower Reef Course (middle distance). Remarkably, J/crews won virtually every division they were sailing inon every single race track!

    Winning the PHRF 2 class in the Cornfield Point course was John Krediet’s J/97 PARTICIPANT II from Stamford, CT.

    Winning the PHRF 3 Doublehanded class in the Seaflower Reef course wasGreg Imbruce’s J/109 JOYRIDE.  On the same track, sweeping the top sixin PHRF 4 class were all J/crews- 1st was Frank Conway’s J/105 RAPTOR,2nd Al Minella’s J/88 ALBONDIGAS, 3rd Iris Vogel’s J/88 DEVIATION, 4thJohn Pearson’s J/88 RED SKY, Todd Aven’s J/92 THIN MAN, and 6th Ken& Drew Hall’s J/88 NEVERMORE.

    On the “classic” Vineyard Race track, Gardner Grant’s famous J/120 ALIBI crushed it in IRC 5 Doublehanded class.

    In PHRF Class 7, American YC’s Young American Jr Big Boat Team, took 2nd place racing their J/105 YOUNG AMERICAN!

    Then, in PHRF 8 class Chris Nicholls’ J/109 RHIANNON took 4th, JimFarrell’s J/35 SAPPHIRE 5th, and Mike Greene’s J/35 LOBLOLLY 6th place!

    PHRF9 class saw J/crews sweep the top two spots and take 6 of the top 8! Winning was Greg Leonard’s J/120 HERON, 2nd was William Ingraham’s J/124TENEBRAE.  Fourth was Brian Spears’ J/120 MADISON, 5th John Greifzu’sJ/109 GROWTH SPURT, 6th the Young American Jr Big Boat crew on the J/120VAREKAI, and 8th was Steven Levy’s J/120 EAGLE.

    Winning PHRF 10 class MaryEllen Tortorello’s J/111 PARTNERSHIP, followedby John Donovan’s J/111 LIBERTAS in 3rd place, Abhijeet Lele’s J/111VARUNA in 4th and Kevin Kelley’s J/122 SUMMER GRACE in 5th place.

    Finally, winning IRC 11 class Len Sitar’s J/44 VAMP followed by SUNY Maritime’s CHARLIE V in 4th place..
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  • AUDI J/70 World Championship Preview

    AUDI J/70 World Championship Preview (Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy)- The 2017 AUDI J/70 World Championshipmay go down in history as the class’ largest event ever- with 175 boatsregistered.  Hosted by YC Costa Smeralda in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, itcan be said there are few yacht club and marina facilities in the worldthat can handle such an enormous fleet of very talented sailors fromacross the world.

    The regatta format has been updated twice because of the record numberof entries. The YCCS PRO for the event will be Mark Foster from CorpusChristi YC in Texas- one of the survivors of the recent catastrophecaused by Hurricane Harvey in the Gulf of Mexico.  Foster hassignificant experience with big fleets, including acting as the StFrancis YC’s PRO for the 2016 J/70 Worlds that had 83 boats on a singlestarting line.  The fleet will be split randomly into four “flights” andthe goal is to have a double-round robin consisting of six races foreach flight to determine a Gold and Silver Fleet.  Thereafter, the Goldfleet will consist of 85 boats racing for the World Championship with upto nine races scheduled over the three remaining days.  The start linewill consist of three boats, including a mid-line signal boat.

    Twenty-fournations are represented in the fleet with sixteen European countries,four North American countries, three South American countries andAustralia.  By far the largest contingent is from the greater Europeancontinental region.  As the host nation, Italy has thirty-nine teamsregistered, including all of the top names and teams that just completedtheir ALCATEL J/70 Cup on Lago Maggiore- emblematic of their ItalianJ/70 National Championship series.  Amongst those teams are two-timeJ/70 European Champion- Claudia Rossi’s PETITE TERRIBLE, CarloAlberini’s CALVI NETWORK (2x J/70 Midwinter Champion and 2017 ALCATELJ/70 Cup winner), Gianfranco Noe’s WHITE HAWK (the 2017 ALCATEL J/70 CupCorinthians champion), and Franco Solerio’s L’ELAGAIN (a multi-regattawinner in the ALCATEL J/70 Cups over the past two years).

    In addition to these top teams, there is also strong familyparticipation in the Italian J/70 class.  Claudia’s father- AlbertoRossi- is sailing ENFANT TERRIBLE (he’s also a Farr 40 World Champion). The famous fashion and sailing family- the Loro Piana’s also will havefather and sons racing- brothers Giacomo & Pietro sailing on CU-Jand father Pier Luigi sailing on MY SONG.  Similarly, another past Farr40 and M32 World Champion, Vincenzo Onorato will be sailing MASCALZONELATINO with Cameron Appleton as his tactician, while his son AchilleOnorato will be sailing MASCALZONE LATINO JR with Francesco Bruni onboard as tactician- a formidable pair those two!

    Justbehind the large Italian group is an entire German armada of thirty-twoteams heading south to take over Porto Cervo!  Clearly, their famousDeutsche Segel-Bundesliga is having an impact on sailing all acrossGermany, and Europe, for that matter!  Most all of the top German J/70teams will be present, such as the uber-fast combo of Pit Finis andWorld Champion match-racer from Poland- Karol Jablonski- sailing onDRALION.DE for Dusseldorf YC. Other German colleagues should be in thehunt, such as Phil Mecklenburg’s HANDWERKER (with brothers Lukas &Tobias Feuerherdt aboard), Klaus Dieche’s LED ZEPPELIN, MartinChristiansen’s MARE-Z, Bjorn Bielken’s PROCEDES DIVA, Margale Rudiger’sREALITY DISTORTION FIELD, Jurgen Waldheim’s ROSAROTER PENGUIN andChristian Soyka’s VOICE OF ITZEHOE. An all-women’s crew from YCLangenargen will be sailing LADY LIKE- Anica Rimmele, Lina & RosannaSchentz, Anne Winkelhausen, and Carla Rau.
    The next largest contingent is, surprisingly, the Swiss mountain lakesteams, with thirteen teams making the trek south for fun in theMediterranean sun! Leading teams from their highly popular sailingleagues include the SN Geneva crew on Cde.CH- Nicolas Anklin, FredrikHedluns’ Buchillon YC crew on AGERA 3, Vieter Casas’ SN Geneva team onCER 1 APROTEC, Thomas Studer’s SC Enge crew on JEAN, and AlainStettler’s team from Regattaclub Oberhofen on QUARTER-2-ELEVEN.   

    With a dozen crew making the migration across the English Channel andthe Moby Lines Ferry ride out to Olbia, Sardinia, no question the teamsfrom Great Britain will have had a lot of practice in a wide range ofwind and sea conditions- all good for the waters off Porto Cervo.  Thoseleading teams include Allan Higgs’ ESF ENERGY, Dan Schieber’s HELLYHANSEN, Martin Dent’s JELVI 8, and Jeremy Thorp’s PHAN.  Amongst theircrews are also a top women’s team- Suzy Russell and Hannah Peters’HANZY.

    Also headed to Sardinia are several formidable Spanish teams; amongstthe dozen crews are Olympic Medallists and multiple J/80 WorldChampionships.  Not surprisingly, the first time these teams appeared atthe J/70 Europeans in the United Kingdom, they had a very strongshowing- at one point holding 2 of the top 5 places in the regatta! While not well-known yet, they will be serious contenders for the topten overall. Their top crews include NOTICIA from RCM Santander (“Pichu”Torcida and Rayco Tabares), PETITE PALACE HOTELS (Laureano Wizner),FERMAX (Gustavo Martinez) and the Canal brothers sailing on separateboats- ABRIL ROJO (Jorge Perez Canal) and ABRIL VERDE (Luis PerezCanal).

    Familiar with the local waters and certain to have teams at the top ofthe leaderboard will be the nine crews attending from YC Monaco.  Thosecrews include Pierrik Devic’s FRASER YACHTS, Ludovic Fassitelli’sJUNDA-BANCA DEL SEMPIONE, Stefano Roberti’s PICCININA (with UnitedKingdom’s Olympian Chris Grube aboard) and Maiano Herve’s SOPWITH CAMEL.

    Alsoshowing up with a strong contingent that has been doing a lot of racingand practicing in Monaco are the nine Russian crews.  Their top teamsinclude Valeria Kovalenko’s ARTTUBE, Daniel Odintsoy’s GOLDEN WING,Peter Nosov’s JESSIE TANTA, Aleksander Generalow’s JANE, and AlexSemenov & Hugo Rocha’s NEW TERRITORIES- a Russian & Spanishcombined team.

    Similarly, the seven French teams have top J/80 sailors amongst them-including a French National Champion.  Those crews are Laurent Sambron’sEJP 14 and Elizabeth Valliant’s TRISKELL from SN Marseilles.

    Five teams are sailing from The Netherlands, including J/22 EuropeanChampion Wouter Kollmann sailing PLAJ and Rikst Dijkstra’s WATERLANDMONNICKENDAM.
    Other top crews from across Europe include Poland’s Krzytof Krempecskippering ENA, Norway’s Eivind Astrup sailing NORWEGIAN STEAM, Sweden’sMagnus Tyreman sailing TYRA with the American Jay Lutz onboard,Turkey’s Emir Icogoren racing AMEERA JET, Austria’s Klaus Diemskippering PFANDER, Croatia’s Pavel Kostov steering MINI NAHITA, andMalta’s Ripard brothers (Sebastian & John) sailing CALYPSO with JonCalascione.
    TheNorth American contingent is certainly the most deeply talented in thefleet- perhaps the “dirty dozen”- armed and dangerous and all fast. Amazingly, all dozen teams have finished in the top three in large J/70regattas in both the “open” and “Corinthians” divisions, including theMidwinters, Sailing World NOOD Regattas, Great Lakes Championship andthe past three World Championships. Hoping to defend his WorldChampionship title will be Joel Ronning’s CATAPULT crew that includesJohn Kostecki (himself a J/24 World Champion).  Chasing them hard willbe teams like Glenn Darden & Reese Hillard’s HOSS with Olympic GoldMedallist Jonathan McKee on tactics; Peter Duncan’s RELATIVE OBSCURITYcrew (2nd in the J/70 Europeans and won the final ALCATEL J/70 Cup inItaly against all top European teams) that includes Victor Diaz de Leonfrom Venezuela and Willem Van Waay from San Diego; Brian Keane’sSAVASANA team (winner of the 2017 Corinthian Nationals) that includes USOlympic Medallist Stu McNay; Bruno Pasquinelli’s STAMPEDE crew that hasAustralia’s Champion skipper Jeremy Wilmot; and Chris Kostanecki’sJENNIFER team from St Francis YC that includes none other than thefamous Paul Cayard (Star World Champion and Volvo/Whitbread RaceChampion) calling tactics!

    Other top crews from across the America’s and the Caribbean includePeter Cunningham’s POWER PLAY from the Cayman Island Sailing Club (withtop Argentinean Olympic sailor Lucas Calabrese calling tactics); theWeakley brothers (Scott & Dave) from Toronto, ONT Canada sailingREX; Mauricio Santa Cruz from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil sailing MANDACHUVA(a four-time J/24 World Champion); Chilean J/24 Champion Victor Lobosand the Molina brothers (Cristobal & Benjamin) sailing LEXUS CHILE;Argentinean J/24 Champions Sebastian Halpern and the Despontin brothers(Pablo & Ezequiel) racing CEBOLLITA; and the Perez brother trio(Ignacio, Juan & Santiago) from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico sailingADRENALINE.

    The lone crew from way, way Down Under is Reg Lord’s team from the Cruising YC of Australia racing JUNO!  For more AUDI J/70 World Championship sailing informationa data-flip-widget="flipit" href="https://flipboard.com">Add to Flipboard Magazine.

  • SC Mattsee Wins J/70 SAILING Champions League- St Moritz

    SC Mattsee Wins J/70 SAILING Champions League- St Moritz (St Moritz, Switzerland)- This year the best European Clubs sailed theSAILING Champions League in two different events (Act 1 - St. Petersburg(August) and Act 2 - St. Moritz (September)) to snatch one of the muchsought-after starts for the grand finale in Porto Cervo (September)where Europe´s best sailing club will be crowned. The races take placein fleet-race-mode on one-design-J/70 class sailboats.

    24 sailing teams from 12 nations defied freezing temperatures and weakwind conditions in 24 exciting races in front of the fabulous alpinebackdrop of St Moritz and the Engadin valley. On the third and last dayof the SAILING Champions League Act 2, Segelclub Mattsee from Austriadefended its lead to finish at top of the regatta. Second was HellerupSejlklub of Denmark, followed by the Seglerhaus am Wannsee from Germanyin third place.

    In light and shifty winds, the team from Mattsee upheld good rankingsover the entire weekend on the Lake of St. Moritz. In particular, therelatively low weight of this crew of four (Stefan Scharnagl, AnnaScharnagl, Lisa Leimgruber and Hanna Ziegler) paid off under such windconditions.

    "We are overjoyed to have defended our lead from yesterday. We certainlydidn't expect this victory, and are, of course, very happy about it“,says helmsman Stefan Scharnagl. The coveted trophy from the presentingpartner JUVIA was handed over by Judith Dommermuth, founder andproprietor of the renowned fashion brand.

    Withthis overall win in Act 2 of the SAILING Champions League in St.Moritz, Red Bull Youth-America’s Cup helmsman Stefan Scharnagl and histeam demonstrated their potential. At the Grand Finale in Porto Cervo onSeptember 22-24, they aim to confirm it by winning the "Best SailingClub“ trophy.

    Hellerup Sejlklub from Denmark again put pressure on the club fromMattsee on the last day with three wins out of four races. But, that wasstill not enough to overtake the Austrians. In the end, this team hadto make do with second place. Runner-up in third place after a wonderfulthird day of racing was the German team, Seglerhaus am Wannsee, who wontwo of the last three races to gain a place on the podium.

    In these short close-to-the-shore “stadium races”, held in front of thefabulous alpine backdrop on the St. Moritzersee, the 24 teams rotatedinto eight J/70 one-design class keelboats over the three days.  It wasclassic “mountain lake sailing”, with very streaky, shifty winds-putting a premium on boat-handling and acceleration in the ficklebreezes.

    As a result of the completion of this event in St Moritz, the topsixteen teams are qualified to sail in the SAILING Champions Leaguefinale hosted by YC Costa Smeralda, in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy.They include two German teams (Seglerhaus am Wannsee and LindauerSegelclub) and a Swiss team (Societe Nautique de Geneve).  The SAP Sailing results can be found here   For more SAILING Champions League informationAdd to Flipboard Magazine.

  • J/Sailors Ruling J/Class!

    J/Sailors Ruling J/Class! (Newport, RI)- The first ever J/Class World Championshiptook place this past week in Newport, RI and was hosted by the New YorkYC Harbour Court. Six of the 140 foot (~ 43 meter) sailingyachts participated in the five day event that saw racing take place onTuesday in a “Navigators Race” inside Narragansett Bay and the next fourdays offshore in Rhode Island Sound about 4nm southwest of Castle Hillpoint.

    Not surprisingly, literally every single boat had local talent and localknowledge on board as strategists/ tacticians- virtually all of themwere top J/Boats sailors.

    Foremost in everyone’s minds were the two brothers aboard Jim Clark’sHANUMAN- Ken Read (steering) and Brad Read (tactician)- if there wasever a combination of sailors that knows the Bay and the Sound well, itwould be them- needless to say both are multiple J/24 World Champions.Their world-famous navigator was none other than Stan Honey- he and hiswife Sally have also raced J/105s on the West Coast. They also had ChuckBrown on runners, a Caribbean Champion and raced J/24s and J/30s foryears- winning a few Rolex St Thomas Regattas along the way.  Despiteall the talent on board, they could only muster a second place.

    Onthe winning boat- LIONHEART- they, too, had a Newporter on-board thatwas also a J/24 World Champion- Anthony Kouton- feeling perhaps a bitout of his element as a Moth World Champion (foiler), too! Plus, theyhad aboard Bouwwe Beking from the Netherlands- himself having raced onJ/105s and J/109s in the Netherlands.

    As for the third place boat TOPAZ, they “only” had Tony Rey, ScottyVogel and Peter Holmberg aboard taking up most of their afterguard, plusrunning the boat as “Crew Boss” (Scotty).  Peter is from the U.S.Virgin Islands, and has raced J/24s, IC/24s, and J/105s over the yearsas Caribbean and CORT Champion- in addition to being an expertmatch-racer.  Tony Rey is from Newport and has also raced at WorldChampionship levels on J/24s, J/70s, J/122s, J/105s and others.  Scottyhas also raced a wide variety of boats, including J/24s, J/35s, J/105s,J/109s and J/111s.

    RANGER had aboard Andrew Cape from the U.K.- a famous Volvo Ocean Racenavigator and also guides the mighty RAMBLER 88 for George David.  He isa two-time Round Island (Isle of Wight) Doublehanded winner on a J/44sailing on Stu Johnstone's J-HAWK, plus he’s raced quite a few J/24s,J/105s and J/109s in the U.K. over time.

    VELSHEDAhad some veteran offshore and match-racing team members on board thathave raced J/105s and J/80s in various events, such as Tom Dodson,Campbell Field and Don Cowie.

    Finally, Tom Siebel’s crew was practically 100% managed by top J sailorsfrom all parts of the world. Growing up in Wilmette, IL, Tom himselfsailed J/24s and out West has owned and race J/105s and J/125s on SanFrancisco Bay! His navigator was Peter Isler- a regular on the SC 70PYEWACKET for Roy Disney Jr and has raced J/24s, J/80s, J/105s andJ/44s.  Tom Whidden was his strategist, the former President of NorthSails, a person that has raced on practically all of the earlierJ/Boats, including J/24s, J/29s, J/35s, J/41s, J/105s, J/44s, J/160s,etc.  Francesco de’Angelis from Italy was serving as coach, and racedJ/24s and recently J/70s for years- including winning a J/24 WorldChampionship in Capri.  Steve Calder from North Sails Canada has alsobeen J/24 Canadian Champion and has raced J/105s, J/109s, J/35s, J/70sin Canada and the USA.  Vince Brun from North Sails San Diego is a J/24Champion, West Coast J/70 Champion and has raced just about everythingin the J/range including J/105s and J/109s. Sailing photo credits- Onne Van der wal/ Sharon Green- Ultimate Sailing/ Carlo Borlenghi.Add to Flipboard Magazine.

  • Sail Newport Christens New Sailing Center!

    Sail Newport Christens New Sailing Center! (Newport, RI)- SailNewport, along with a slate of dignitaries, officials and supporters,celebrated the opening of its new Mid-Park Marine Education andRecreation Center today.  Over 200 people joined Executive Director BradRead for a ribbon-cutting ceremony, including Governor Gina Raimondo,Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island Department of EnvironmentalManagement (RIDEM) Director Janet Coit, former Senate President TeresaPaiva Weed, Representative Marvin Abney and Rob MacMillan, co-founder of11th Hour Racing among other city and state leaders.

    "This is a center truly worthy of the Ocean State," Raimondo said. "Thestate-of-the-art sustainable design will allow Sail Newport to bring themagical experience of being out on the water to more Rhode Islanders.In particular, the center will teach our younger generation that thesenatural resources are gifts we must protect and preserve for thefuture."

    The 8,500 square foot LEED-compliant building located in Fort AdamsState Park was conceived, designed, engineered and built with supportand guidance from the State of Rhode Island and many construction andsustainability partners.

    In addition to sustainably-resourced materials and a flood-resilientdesign, the new center operates with energy-efficient heating andcooling, solar power, and a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation,boat wash and restroom water.

    "Iam thrilled to celebrate the completion of the Mid-Park Education andRecreation Center at historic Fort Adams State Park - a place ofprofound beauty and culture and home to exceptional recreation,facilities, and marquee events," says Coit. "Beautiful waters andgreen-spaces, breathtaking vistas, and world-class boating - all ofwhich surround you at Fort Adams- are hallmarks of Rhode Island. Theyare an intrinsic part of life here. And they attract streams of peopleand opportunity for our state," she adds.

    "Kudos to Sail Newport and all partners involved in making this project areality and continuing to enhance and promote Fort Adams as adestination. I look forward to the many public programs andopportunities Mid-Park will offer- and the love of sailing and enjoymentof our parks that it will help inspire," Coit adds.

    The growth and progress of Sail Newport, which was founded in 1983 afterthe loss of the America's Cup, prompted the organization's leaders toset a goal five years ago to expand their public access sailing programsand marine education for the community. The new center was designed tofacilitate more education with year-round classrooms and restrooms andan upgraded facility in order to offer more public sailing programs andmore access to the water for all ages.

    "The State of Rhode Island, DEM and many generous donors have brought usto this day," Read says.  "Not only do we now have a sustainableheadquarters, this new center will serve the community with more publicaccess sailing programs and access to Narragansett Bay," he adds.

    Read notes that the first program to use the new center will be afourth-grade learn-to-sail educational initiative with the PellElementary School which starts on September 18.  The program wasdeveloped by Sail Newport and Donna Kelly, a Newport Public Schoolteacher and former board member of Sail Newport, and Superintendent ofSchools- Colleen Burns Jermain.

    The unique program will align with the public school's fourth-grade corecurriculum in the areas of math, science, social studies and art.  Inaddition to the on-the-water classroom of sailing instruction, the newindoor classrooms will house students for the land-based curriculumportions.

    Sail Newport also partnered with 11th Hour Racing for the design of thebuilding to include sustainability at the heart of its sailing centeroperation and green events and programs. It was announced almost a yearago that 11th Hour Racing granted $1.0 million towards costs for the newcenter.

    11th Hour Racing’s Director MacMillan commented, ”We are thrilled to seethe grant that 11th Hour Racing awarded to Sail Newport in 2016 come tofruition, with the new Mid-Park Marine Education and Recreation Centerready to welcome and expand Sail Newport's educational programs, whileintegrating the message of preservation and maintenance of our ocean andshoreline. Since 2010, 11th Hour Racing has been harnessing the powerof sport with an innovative and comprehensive approach, and this newsustainable headquarters is a testament to our core values centeredaround environmental and social responsibility.”

    MacMillan adds, "We exist to provide public access sailing programs andservices. The new center will have a positive impact on all of ourcommunity-based programs that we provide at low cost or no cost to othernon-profit organizations. He adds, "Most importantly," he says, "wehope to inspire all sailors as to the importance of preserving andmaintaining our ocean and shoreline." Learn more about Sail Newport here.Add to Flipboard Magazine.