Exceptional Sailing Performance. Classic Yacht Interior.

J/35c slides through waves with little pitch and roll, responding effortlessly to a touch of the wheel. It's as if the boat is part of you. Such feel is the result of superb construction, hardware and design. Hull, deck and spars are built to be exceptionally strong but light. This is expensive, but it produces a longer lasting, rigid hull, light ends and a low center of gravity. J/35c stability allows a higher ratio of sail area to displacement than other cruisers her size.

Designer Rod Johnstone drafted J/35c with a long waterline for speed; efficient, high-lift keel; balanced rudder; fast response 40" wheel; compact, adjustable sail plan; and a hull shape which has evolved from 7,500 of the most severely tested sailboats in the world. A boat that sails well, does so in the extremes: Downwind in light air and upwind in a blow. J/35c lets you sail more when cruising.

This means less motoring and better safety at sea. One person can manage a J/35c sailing with mainsail alone, never leaving the wheel. Because you feel in control and less dependent upon expert crew, cruising becomes more relaxing and joyful in just about any weather.

ABS + A1 Certified-  The ABS bronze plaque seen on the main bulkhead certifies that J/35c is built to the American Bureau of Shipping's highest classification for offshore yacht service. An independent ABS marine surveyor periodically inspected each boat while under construction by then builder TPI in Warren, RI, builder for 40 years of America's best sailing yachts. This longevity and reputation is the best guarantee of quality and long term investment value you can find in boat building.

Introduced: 1990    Built to: Hull #36    Last Model Year: 1994